How do I compare the weekly online activity data table with a section or student filter in New Analytics?

As part of viewing weekly online activity in a data table, you can use filters to compare section and student results with the course average.


  • If you cannot view the New Analytics link in Course Navigation, you may have to make the link visible via the Navigation tab in Course Settings. If the New Analytics link is not available in the Navigation tab, your institution has disabled this feature.
  • Data is refreshed in New Analytics every 24 hours. Please confirm the time the data was last updated in the course, as content may be outdated compared to recent course activity and student submissions.
  • In order for New Analytics to display in Canvas, third-party cookies may need to be enabled in your browser settings.
  • Weekly Online Activity displays in a Monday-Sunday format.

Open Course

Open Course

In Global Navigation, click the Courses link [1], then click the name of the course [2].

Open New Analytics

To open New Analytics, click the New Analytics link in Course Navigation [1] or click the New Analytics button in the Course Home Page [2].

Note: If you cannot view the New Analytics link, you may have to make the link visible via the Navigation tab in Course Settings.

View Weekly Online Activity

Click the Weekly Online Activity tab.

Filter Data

Filter Data

Click the Filter field [1]. Type the name of a section or student. Canvas will populate all matching results.

When the item displays in the menu, click the item name [3].

Scroll with Filter

You can also click the Filter field and scroll to locate and select a section or student.

View Additional Filters

To add another filter, locate the additional filter. The Filter field supports up to three filters. The All Sections filter cannot be removed.

View Filtered Results

View Filtered Results

The added filter displays in the analytics results. Each filter is identified by a specific color.

Each filter and color are displayed on the side of the table. Each filter displays its data on a single row.

When viewing filters, the default shape for each color is a circle, but you can choose to enable shapes for improved contrast by clicking the Chart Options icon [1] and selecting the Display Shapes option [2].

View Data Comparison

To view specific data for a specific result, click the data percentage in the table.

View Data Tray

In the data tray, you can view expanded details for the data point including the date range [1], the last time analytics were updated [2], the current filter view [3], total page views [4], total participations [5], and the student and resources tables [6].

To download a CSV of the data, click the Download CSV link [7].

Export Table CSV

To export analytics data as a CSV zip file, click the Download CSV button.

CSV data is exported according to the filtered data.

The downloaded zip file includes CSV files for chart data, student table data, and resources table data.

CSV files may display a student's full name, sortable name, week start, filters, average and total page views, average and total participations, and the resource URL path.