How do I automatically assign students to groups?

Once you create groups in a group set, you can randomly automatically assign students to those groups. Alternatively, you can choose to manually assign students to groups or create and assign students to groups by importing a CSV file.

Open People

Open People

In Course Navigation, click the People link.

Open Group Set

Click the name of the group set.

Confirm Groups

Confirm you have created all the groups for this group set. If you need more groups, you can create additional groups manually.

Randomly Assign Students

Click the Options menu [1], then click the Randomly Assign Students link [2].

Require Same Section for Groups

Require Same Section for Groups

If you want to require group members to be in the same section, select the Require group members to be in the same section checkbox.

Confirm Assignments

Click the Okay button.

View Groups

View the group assignments. You can move students between groups if necessary.