How do I delay posting a discussion until a specified date in a course?

You can delay posting a discussion topic until a specific date by changing a setting in your discussion. This lesson shows how to set posting dates, also referred to as availability dates, for non-graded discussions.

Note: In graded discussions, the availability date fields shown in this lesson do not apply. Graded discussions include separate availability dates that are set when assigning a discussion to specific course users.

Open Discussions

Open Discussions

In Course Navigation, click the Discussions link.

Add Discussion

Click the Add Discussion button.

Create Discussion

Create Discussion

Enter a title for your discussion in the Topic Title field [1].

To add discussion content, use the Rich Content Editor [2].

You can also select discussion options [3].

Add Availability Dates

Add Availability Dates

To make your discussion available on a specific date or during a specific date range, enter the dates in the Available From and Until fields, or click the calendar icons to select dates.

You are not required to enter dates in both of these fields, so if you want to delay your posting but do want your post to appear indefinitely, you can leave the Until field blank.

Note: These fields only apply for non-graded discussions; If you create a graded discussion, these date fields do not apply.

Save and Publish

Save and Publish

If you are ready to publish your discussion, click the Save & Publish button [1]. If you want to create a draft of your discussion and publish it later, click the Save button [2].

Publish Discussion

When your discussion is saved in a draft state, you can return to the page and publish it at any time by clicking the Publish button in the classic Discussions interface [1] or the Publish icon in the Discussions Redesign interface [2].

View Discussion

View the discussion and the posting date.

Students do not have access to locked discussions until the availability date. They will not see locked discussions on the Discussions Index Page.

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