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How do I change the color for a grading status in the Gradebook?

How do I change the color for a grading status in the Gradebook?

The Status option allows you to change the default colors in the Gradebook. Each color is a default associated with a Gradebook status: late (blue), missing (red), resubmitted (green), dropped (orange), or excused (yellow). Colors can be adjusted by selecting a default color or using a supported hex code.

Colors are a per-user setting. Colors set in your course apply to any of your other courses that use the Gradebook, however, they do not apply to any other user who may view the Gradebook. Additionally, status names cannot be changed.

Note: Some colors may seem darker if they display in a Gradebook row that has an alternating gray background.

Open Grades

Open Grades

In Course Navigation, click the Grades link.

Open Statuses

Open Statuses

In the View menu [1], click the Statuses link [2].

Change Color Status

Change Status

View the color defined for each status.

To change a color value, click the Options icon.

Apply Status

Select the new color for the status. The check mark indicates the selected color [1], and the hex color code displays in the text field [2].

If you want to use a color not shown in the window, you can enter the color's hex code directly in in the text field. The hex field will display a warning icon if the hex code is not valid.

Click the Apply button [3].

Close Statuses

Close Statuses

Click the Done button.


There appears to be a hierarchy for statuses in terms of which color displays in the Gradebook. For example, "Dropped" appears to override "Missing". I am wondering if:

1) Is this intended behavior?

2) If so, what is the default hierarchy?

3) Is it possible to change the default hierarchy?

Thank you.


I honestly don't know the answer to this off the top of my head. We can certainly test this out in the future and add what we find to this document.


Thank you! That would be very helpful.

Would this be something I should expect to see relatively soon, or no? I allow students to drop their lowest scores from a number of assignment groups in my courses. So, this is important in terms of how I understand/choose to use this color coding feature for the Gradebook. 


It's in our list of things to do, but it may take a few weeks to get to it. We have a large backlog to work through from the start of the school year.


Okay. Thank you, Cody. I will keep a watch out for that update 🙂


Can the names of Canvas Statuses be edited or customized?


Based on how I am understanding paragraph two above, it seems that status names cannot be changed - just the color coding for each status.

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