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How does Canvas work as a supplement to face-to-face courses?

How does Canvas work as a supplement to face-to-face courses?

Canvas provides tools that supplement face-to-face courses by providing additional information online. Students will be able to access content for courses they are enrolled in through Canvas. Some institutions provide Canvas course sites for face-to-face courses automatically, while others require their instructors to request course sites in Canvas.


In face-to-face courses, you can use Canvas features to help manage your course, such as Gradebook and Assignments.

You can use features to gather student work via online submissions in assignments, or deliver course content such as PDFs, documentation, and presentations using Files.

Canvas quizzes give you an opportunity to provide online practice quizzes or class surveys quickly and easily.

Canvas modules allow you to organize units of related materials that students can access from any device with an internet connection. Organized content in modules make great stand-alone resources—review materials, videos, images, self-paced activities such as practice quizzes, or web quests. You can also use them to try new teaching practices such as flipped classroom models in select lessons.


Regarding online submissions in assignments how can I have each student submit their assignments for a particular item in the same folder or space. For ex. Completed assignment No. 1 in folder 1, completed assignment in Folder 2, etc. 

Hi @Zeno2000,

Could you provide more information? Where are you hoping to have students submit work to? Do they need to add multiple files at the same time for the same assignment? You mentioned folders, are those folders included in your Canvas course or outside of Canvas? 


My institution uses Blackboard which i Find difficult. How can I easily import my students into the Canvas system and give them access to upload papers, take test and to see their grades. 

Hi @Kimberlyc50,

Check out this page for more information on a free Canvas account:


Seems like a lot of this can be done with an ordinary class email list, which would also avoid the problems associated with posting information in what is a known public place.

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