How do I create a course outcome in Improved Outcomes Management?

If you cannot find an outcome to use in your course, you can create a new outcome.

Outcomes can be included in assignment rubrics as an easy way to assess mastery of learning objectives. When you create a learning outcome, you should also define a criterion that can be used when building assignment rubrics. Define as many rubric columns as you need, and specify a point threshold that will be used to define mastery of this outcome.

This lesson displays how to create outcomes in a course within an account that has enabled the Improved Outcomes Management feature option. If the Outcomes page in your course displays differently than the images in this lesson, learn how to create outcomes in the classic Outcomes page view.

In order to use Improved Outcomes Management, you course must also use course-wide mastery scales and calculations. Because of this, you cannot add criterion ratings, mastery levels, and calculation methods for individual outcomes in Improved Outcomes Management.

Open Outcomes

Open Outcomes

In Course Navigation, click the Outcomes link.

Add Outcome

Click the Create button.

Create Outcome

Enter a name for the outcome in the Name field [1]. This is the official name of the outcome that will also appear in the Learning Mastery Gradebook.

If you allow students to view Learning Mastery scores on the Grades page, they will see the name of the outcome. However, you may want to create a custom, friendly name. To create a friendly name for student view, enter a name in the Friendly Name field [2].  

Use the Rich Content Editor to enter a description in the Description field [3]. To create a friendly description for parent or student view, enter a description in the Friendly Description field [4].

Modify Mastery Scale

If you have the permission to edit mastery scales, you can make changes to the default mastery scale in the Mastery tab.

Modify Mastery Calculation Method

If you have the permission to edit outcome proficiency calculations, you can make changes to calculation methods in the Calculation tab.

View Outcome

View the created outcome.