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How do I sort and display student data in the Gradebook?

How do I sort and display student data in the Gradebook?

The Student Name column displays the students in your course. You can view options to sort names by last name, SIS ID, Integration ID, and Login ID and display names by either first or last name. You can also choose to view concluded and inactive enrollments.

Additionally, the Secondary Info menu allows secondary information to display below the student’s name. Options include the student’s section, SIS ID, Integration ID, Login ID, Group, or no display. Only one secondary information option can be displayed at one time.

The following keyboard shortcuts are supported in the Gradebook:

  • S: Sort the grid on the currently selected column. Student name and Notes columns sort alphabetically. Other columns sort by grade (low to high).
  • M: Open the menu for the currently selected column.
  • Esc: Close the menu for the currently selected column.
  • G: Open the Assignment Detail page for the currently selected assignment.
  • C: Open the Grade Detail tray for the currently selected assignment.

Note: Student names display according to the Sortable Name listed in a user's personal account settings.

Open Grades

Open Grades

In Course Navigation, click the Grades link.

Open Student Name Menu

Open Student Name Menu

Hover over the Student Name column header and select the Options icon.

Sort Student Names

Sort by Name

To sort students, select the Sort by link. By default, names are sorted alphabetically by name from A-Z [1].

To sort students by SIS ID, click the SIS ID option [2].

To sort students by Integration ID, click the Integration ID option [3].

To sort students by Login ID, click the Login ID option [4].

To order students in ascending order, click the A-Z option [5].

To order students in descending order, click the Z-A option [6].

Display Name Order

Display Name Order

To display names in a specific name order, select the Display as link. By default, names display as first name, last name. To sort in descending order, click the Last, First Name option.

View Secondary Info

View Secondary Info

To view secondary information for students, select the Secondary info link. You can have the Student Name column display each student's section [1], SIS ID [2], Integration ID [3], Login ID [4], or Group [5]. You can also choose to have the column display no secondary information [6].

Show Enrollments

Show Enrollments

To view grades for inactive or concluded enrollments, view the Show section and select the Inactive enrollments or Concluded enrollments link. You can view both enrollment types at the same time in the Gradebook.


We really need to be able to sort by course.  Those of us who have cross-listed have to take extra time to put grades in when they are collected by course like human beings do.  Yes, I can put them in excel, reorder, and then enter, but why should I have to?

Also, please for the love of little bunnies, give us a shortcut for Missing.  Who cares if it is universal?  Taking the time to go to click it every time is killing any kind of rhythm we have in entering grades.  Don't cost me more hours, please.

@SannaLockart Thanks for the feedback. These both sound like great time-saving ideas. Can you please create them as 2 separate feature ideas in the Idea Conversations space? This is the best place to provide feedback like this so our product teams can review them while building out their working priorities. Let us know if you have any other questions.


- Nathan

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