How do I change the status of a submission in SpeedGrader?

In the SpeedGrader sidebar, you can edit the submission status for a student's or group's assignment, discussion, or quiz. Available statuses include Late, Missing, Excused, and None.

If a submission status is set to late or missing, the status displays on the student's Grades page. If you do not want status labels displayed on a student's grades page, set the assignment status to None.

Assignments given an excused status are not calculated as part of the student's total grade. When an assignment is excused, the student's Assignment Details page and Grades page display the excused status. Students cannot submit excused assignments.


View SpeedGrader

SpeedGrader includes several areas to help you locate and view student submissions, grade submissions, and add comments to submissions.

View Submission Status

View Submission Status

View the assignment status [1]. To change the submission status, click the Edit button [2].

Select Late Status

Select Late Status

To select a Late status, click the Late option [1].

The Late status indicates an assignment that was submitted after the due date. You can enter how late the student submitted the assignment in the Day(s) or Hour(s) field [2]. The name of the field is determined by the late policy settings in the Gradebook.

SpeedGrader displays the late penalty applied [3] and the final grade for the assignment [4].

Note: The Day(s)/Hour(s) field supports up to two decimal places.

Select Missing Status

Select Missing Status

To select a Missing status [1], click the Missing option.

The Missing status indicates an online assignment that has not been submitted and is past the due date.

Note: When the Automatically apply grade for missing submissions setting is enabled, entering MI or mi in the assignment cell [2] applies the missing status to an assignment.

Select Excused Status

Select Excused Status

To select an Excused status, click the Excused option.

The Excused status indicates that the student has been excused from making a submission. Students are not able to submit excused assignments, and excused assignments are not calculated in the student's total grade. You can also excuse an assignment by typing EX in the assignment cell.

Select No Status

Select No Status

To select no status, click the None option.

The None status indicates that no status exists, or that the assignment was turned in before the due date.

You can also update any late or missing assignment to have no status if you do not want a label displayed in the student's grades page.

Submit Submission Status

View Assignment Status in Gradebook

To save the submission status, click the Submit button.

Student View Assignment Status

Student View of Assignment Status

Students can view a label for the given submission status in the Grades page. Labels display for late submissions [1] and missing submissions [2]. Excused assignments display EX in the assignment's Score field [3].

Assignments without a status or None status do not display a label [4].