How do I create an item bank in New Quizzes?

You can create item banks in New Quizzes. Item banks can be used to store questions for use in other quizzes. You can use your item banks in any course where you have permission to create and edit a quiz using New Quizzes.

Open Item Banks

Open Item Banks

In Course Navigation, click the Item Banks link.


  • You can also access quizzes from the Assignments page.
  • You can also access Item Banks from the New Quizzes Build page.

Add Item Bank

Click the Add Bank button.

Name Item Bank

Name Item Bank

In the Bank Name field [1], enter the name of the item bank. You can share the new item bank to the current course by clicking the Share checkbox [2]. To save your bank, click the Create Bank button [3].

View Item Bank

View your new item bank [1].

To duplicate the item bank, click the Duplicate icon [2]. To share the item bank, click the Share icon [3]. To edit the item bank, click the Edit icon [4]. To delete the item bank, click the Delete icon [5].