How do I add content to an item bank in New Quizzes?

Once you create content in a quiz, you can add it to an item bank for use in other quizzes. You can add questions or stimulus from any course where you have permission to create and edit a quiz using New Quizzes.

After a question has been added to an item bank, all question properties other than point value and certain options must be edited in the item bank. You should make sure your question is complete before adding it to an item bank.

Note: When you add stimulus content to an item bank, questions attached to the stimulus content are not automatically added and must be added to the item bank manually. Likewise, when you add stimulus content to a quiz from an item bank, attached questions are not automatically added.

Open Quizzes

Open Quizzes

In Course Navigation, click the Quizzes link.

Note: You can also access quizzes from the Assignments page.

Open Build Page

To add content to an item bank, find the quiz you want to open [1].

To open New Quizzes from an existing quiz, click the Options icon [2] and then click the Build link [3].

Edit Question

Locate the question you would like to add to the item bank [1]. Click the Edit icon [2].

Open Item Banking

Click the Item Banking button.

Add Question to Item Bank

Click the Add to Bank link.

Add to Existing Bank

Add to Existing Bank

To add the item to an existing item bank, click the Existing item bank option [1]. Then select the item bank you want to use in the Select the destination bank drop-down menu [2].

To add the item to the bank, click the Add button [3].

Create New Bank

Create New Bank

To create a new bank for the item, click the New item bank option [1]. Then enter the name for the new bank in the New Bank Title field [2].

To add the item to the new bank, click the Add button [3].