How do I grade quiz questions in SpeedGrader?

You can manually grade quiz questions in SpeedGrader. Essay and file upload questions require manual grading. However, you may also revise scores for automatically graded questions.

If you want to grade the same quiz question individually for each student, learn how to grade one quiz question at a time.


  • Quizzes that pull questions from a question bank will shuffle the order of questions for each student. Question order for each submission may vary within SpeedGrader.
  • Quiz grading will not be marked as complete and notifications will not be sent to students until each question for the quiz includes an entered point value. If the value earned for the question is zero, the question must be manually changed from the default unscored value to a score of zero.
  • Currently, you can only access SpeedGrader through the Gradebook with New Quizzes.

Open Quizzes

Open Quizzes

In Course Navigation, click Quizzes.

Open SpeedGrader

Open Quiz Options

In the Quizzes page, click the Options icon of the quiz you want to grade [1]. Then click the SpeedGrader link [2].

View Question

To view a question, scroll down the quiz to locate the quiz question you want to view.

If a question needs to be manually graded, you can click the question number directly within the notification window.

Assign Score

Assign Score

In the points field, enter the score for the question.

Assign Grade

You may also enter fudge points to adjust a student's score for the entire quiz [1]. To assign a quiz score, click the Update Scores button [2].