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How do I manage rubrics in a course?

How do I manage rubrics in a course?

As an instructor, you can create, edit, and delete rubrics in your course. Rubrics are used as grading criteria for students and can be added to assignments, quizzes, and graded discussions.

Learn more about rubrics.


  • Rubrics cannot be edited once they have been added to more than one assignment.
  • When you delete a rubric, Canvas will remove the rubric from all associated assignments in the course and remove any existing scores and assessments given using the rubric.

Open Rubrics

Open Rubrics

In Course Navigation, click the Rubrics link.

View Rubrics

View Rubrics

In the Manage Rubrics page, you can view all existing rubrics in your course.

Add Rubric

Add Rubric

To add a rubric, click the Add Rubric button.

View Rubric

View Rubric

To view an individual rubric, click the name of the rubric.

Edit Rubric

To edit the rubric, click the Edit Rubric button.

If a rubric has been used in more than one assignment, the Edit Rubric button is not available.

However, you can create a copy of a rubric and make any changes when adding a rubric to an assignment.

Edit Rubric Details

Edit Rubric Details

To rename a rubric, type in the Title field [1].

To edit a rubric criterion description or long description, click the criterion Edit icon [2]. You can also edit criterion ratings [3], add ratings [4], and edit points [5].

To delete a criterion from the rubric, click the criterion Delete icon [6].

You can also add new criterion [7] and outcomes [8].

To save your edits, click the Update Rubric button [9]

To remove associated outcome criteria from a rubric, click the Delete icon [10]. Outcome criteria can only be edited from the Outcomes page.

Delete Rubric

If you created a rubric in your course, you can delete the rubric. To delete a rubric, click the Delete Rubric button.

Rubrics can be deleted even if they have been used in more than one assignment.

Note: If you cannot delete a rubric, the rubric was created at the account level and aligned with an assignment in your course.

Confirm Delete Rubric

Click the OK button.

When you delete a rubric, Canvas will remove the rubric from all associated assignments in the course and remove any existing scores and assessments given using the rubric.


Thank you!

Hi @aknutson

You're welcome! We're glad you found this resource and we hope you'll reach out if you have any questions or if there's anything my teammates and I can help clarify regarding Canvas functionality. 

- Allie

This is a great tutorial! I have one question: is there a way to easily see all of the assignments that a particular rubric is attached to? I am editing some course rubrics and I can't figure out which assignments they are all linked to other than to go to each individual assignment, which is really time consuming... TIA for your assistance!

Is there a way to COPY rubrics?  This feature would be awesome for IB where we use the same rubrics for multiple assignments. 

Hi @portia

We're glad this was helpful! Currently what you're looking for is not possible in Canvas. However, there is a feature idea requesting this addition to Canvas. Feel free to review that idea and, if it fits what you're also looking for, you can rate it (using the stars), add your comment, and give it a kudos. 



Hi @joshhirsch75 , 

There's not a way to copy rubrics currently, but you can add your voice and rating to this existing feature idea. You can also check out this Canvas enhancement that allows you to easily add rubrics to your course. 



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