How do I add an item from an item bank to a quiz in New Quizzes?

You can add individual items from an item bank to a quiz in New Quizzes. You can also add multiple items from an item bank.

This lesson shows how to add an item from an item bank using the Item Banks button on the Build page. You can also access your item banks when adding content to a quiz.

Open Quizzes

Open Quizzes

In Course Navigation, click the Quizzes link.

Note: You can also access quizzes from the Assignments page.

Open Build Page

To add an item from an item bank, find the quiz you want to open [1].

To open New Quizzes from an existing quiz, click the Options icon [2] and then click the Build link [3].

Open Item Banks

Click the Item Banks button.


Open Item Bank

Open Item Bank

Click the name of an item bank.

Add Item

Add Item

To add an item to a quiz, click the Add button next to that item.

The item will display in the quiz.

View Item

View the item in the quiz. To edit the item, click the Edit icon [1]. To duplicate the item, click the Copy icon [2]. To move the item, click the Move icon [3].  To delete the item, click the Delete icon [4].

If any tags have been added, the tags will display in the item [5].

Edit Item

When editing an item bank item in a quiz, you will only be able to edit point values [1] and some options [2]. To edit other parts of the question, click the Edit in Bank button [3].