How do I edit or delete an outcome group in a course?

If you created an outcome group in your course that you need to edit or delete, you can do so as long as the outcomes in the group have not yet been used to assess a student. Once an outcome in the group has been aligned with an item or artifact and used for scoring, you cannot modify the outcome group. You can still modify the details of the outcome group.

You can delete an outcome group as long as it does not contain any outcomes that cannot be modified.

This lesson displays how to edit or delete an outcome group in the classic Outcomes page view. If the Outcomes page in your course displays differently than the images in this lesson, learn how to edit or remove an outcome group in a course within an account that has enabled the Improved Outcomes Management feature option.

Note: You can modify any outcomes or outcome groups where you have permission.

Open Outcomes

Open Outcomes

In Course Navigation, click the Outcomes link.

Select Outcome Group

Select Outcome or Outcome Group

Locate the outcome group you want to modify.

Modify Outcome Group

Modify Outcome Group

To edit an outcome group, click the Edit button [1]. Editing an outcome group lets you change the outcome name and description as set when creating an outcome group.

To delete an outcome group, click the Delete button [2].

Note: If you delete an outcome group and the outcome group generates an error, your outcome group contains an outcome that cannot be modified. Move the outcome to another outcome group, then try deleting the outcome group again.