How do I reply to an announcement as an instructor?

If you have a question or comment about an announcement, you can reply directly to that announcement.

You can reply in both course and group announcements. This lesson shows how to reply in a course, but the steps are the same.

If the steps in this lesson do not match what is displayed in your course, learn how to reply to an announcement in the Announcements Redesign interface.

Note: Not all announcements may allow replies. Additionally, announcement replies may be disabled in Course Settings or at the account level.

Open Announcements

Open Announcements

In Course Navigation, click the Announcements link.

Open Announcement

Click the name of the announcement.

Reply to Announcement

Reply to Announcement

Click the Reply box.

Post Reply

Format your response and add media, links, photos, and/or equations using the Rich Content Editor [1]. Click the Post Reply button [2].

Note: The Rich Content Editor includes a word count display below the bottom right corner of the text box.


View Reply

View Reply

View your reply to the announcement.

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