How do I import quizzes from QTI packages?

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You can easily import quizzes from programs that create QTI files. If a program does not create QTI files, it cannot be imported into Canvas.

QTI files can be created from a variety of different learning management systems and software:

  • Quizzes created in Respondus 4.0 (Windows software) can be exported as QTI packages. To learn how to use Respondus 4.0 refer to this user guide (DOC). A QuickStart guide for Respondus 4.0 is also available (PDF).
  • Quizzes created in Blackboard (WebCT, Angel) can be exported as QTI packages.
  • Quizzes created in Moodle can be exported as QTI packages. This will work with Moodle 2.0 or older versions. However, Moodle 2.1 and newer versions no longer export QTI packages.


  • Canvas supports QTI versions 1.2 and 2.1.
  • Quiz exports will not include questions from quizzes which use randomly selected questions from question banks.

Open Settings

Open Settings

In Course Navigation, click the Settings link.

Import Content into Course

Import Content into this Course button

Click the Import Course Content button.

Select Content Type

Import Content from Blackboard

In the drop-down menu, select the QTI .zip file option.

Choose File

Choose File

Click the Choose File button.

Open File

Locate .zip file

Find and click the ZIP file you want to import [1]. Click the Open button [2].

Import Assessments to New Quizzes

Import Assessments to New Quizzes

To import assessment content created in New Quizzes, click the Import assessment content as New Quizzes option.

Selecting this option will convert assessments in the import package to New Quizzes format. If not selected, assessment content will convert to Canvas Quizzes format.

Note: You cannot select a default question bank when using the Import assessment content as New Quizzes option.

Overwrite Assessment Content

Overwrite Assessment Content

To overwrite the assessment content with matching IDs, click the Overwrite assessment... checkbox.

Some systems recycle their IDs for each new export. Therefore, if you export two separate question banks they will have the same IDs. To prevent losing assessment data Canvas treats the question banks as separate objects despite the IDs. Choosing this option will disable this safety feature and allow assessment data to overwrite existing data with the same IDs.

Select Question Bank

Select Question Bank

In the Default Question bank drop-down menu, select the Question bank you want to use for your question bank.  

Create Question Bank

Create Question Bank

If you do not have a question bank you want to use, you can create a new question bank. In the drop-down menu, select the Create new question bank option.

Import Course

Click the Import button [1].

A progress indicator displays the upload status by percentage [2].

View Current Jobs

Course Extraction Email

The Current Jobs section displays the status of your import. Running reports display a progress bar indicating the time remaining to complete the import.

The import may also display other status indicators as part of the import process. Learn more about course import statuses.

When the course has completed, view your quizzes by accessing the Quizzes page in Course Navigation.

Note: If you imported your assessments to New Quizzes, you can view your quizzes from the Assignments page.

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