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How do I create an assessment using New Quizzes?

How do I create an assessment using New Quizzes?

You can create an assessment using New Quizzes from the Quizzes page. You can create various types of content in each assessment.

Learn more about New Quizzes.

Note: New Quizzes is an opt-in LTI tool. If this tool is not available to you, please contact your Canvas admin.

Open Quizzes

Open Quizzes

In Course Navigation, click the Quizzes link.

Add Assessment

Add Assessment

Click the Add Quiz button.

Create New Quiz Assessment

Create New Quiz Assessment

In the Choose a Quiz Engine screen, select the New Quizzes option [1]. To save your quiz engine selection for this course, check the Remember my choice for this course checkbox [2].

Then click the Submit button [3].

Note: You can reset your quiz engine choice from the Quiz Options menu at any time.

Edit Assessment Details

Edit Assessment Details

In the Assignment Name field [1], enter the name of your assessment. To enter assessment details, enter the total points possible [2], select the assignment group [3], and choose how the grade is displayed to students [4].

To remove this assessment from final grade calculations, click the Do not count this assignment towards the final grade checkbox [5].

Assign Assessment

Assign Assessment

In the Assign To field [1], select who will be required to take the assessment. You can assign the assessment to individual students or sections.

In the Due field [2], select the assessment due date.

In the Available from and Until fields [3], select the availability dates for the assessment.

Note: If you have set section override dates in your course, you may need to select a course section and set due and availability dates that fall within the section override dates.

Save Assessment

Save Assessment

To save your assessment details, click the Save button.

Build Assessment

In the Build page, you can edit the title and description of your assessment [1], view your item banks [2], align the assessment to outcomes [3], preview the assessment from the student view [4], and navigate the assessment [5].

You can use the Rich Content Editor to format and add content to your assessment instructions.

Add Content

Add Content

To add content to your assessment, click the Add button.

Select Content

To insert content from an item bank, click the Item Bank button [1]. To create a new question, click the button for the question type [2] or add stimulus content [3]

The following question types are available in New Quizzes:

Edit Question

For each question, you can enter a question title [1], question stem [2], and answers [3]. You may also select options specific to the question [4], align the question to an outcome [5], and add the question to an item bank [6].

In the Points field [7], adjust the point value for the question by entering a number or clicking the arrow buttons. To add general student feedback, click the Feedback icon [8].

To save the question, click the Done button [9].

Note: Essay questions do not include an answer field and must be graded manually.

Delete Question

To delete a question, click the Delete icon. The page will confirm you want to remove the item.

Open Question Navigator

Open Question Navigator

To open the Question Navigator and view your assessment, click the Expand icon.


Complete the activity using instructions in the video 

I have added an interactive game quiz. I am not sure if we can consider it as a quiz.

I clicked on remember this choice, and I'd rather use the classic quiz, rather than the new quiz.  How do I get it to "forget" my choice? 

@suman_bhatt at this point the only items that can be considered quizzes are Canvas Quizzes or New Quizzes within Canvas.  Adding in an external tool will always occur as an 'assignment' type.


@wyuen if you are on your quizzes page there will be a kabob menu in the top right.  click it and you will be able to 'reset quiz engine choice'



Can you please clarify/state what happens if an instructor makes a quiz with NO TIME LIMIT and sets the due date and until dates (either as the same or differing). My institution has experienced where the until date DOES NOT trigger an auto-submit from the student if NO time limit is set (unlimited time), especially if the student is still in the quiz after the until date has passed.

I have also brought up this situation in a forum last year:

I do not see a specific guide on the availability dates like Classic Quizzes has. 

Hi @cpadavano,

Have you submitted a ticket for this behavior? Our understanding in documentation is that the availability dates functionality documented should be applicable for both Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes.


@CanvasDocTeam Thank you for bringing that to my attention. When I brought it up with our Canvas representattive at the time last year, she stated it would be added to the New Quizzes guide, but does not look to have been so I was not sure if all the same settings did still apply since it is not highlighted and there is not a specific guide on the availability dates regarding New Quizzes too. 

However, the Classic Quizzes guide does also NOT state what action occurs on the student's side with a NO time limit quiz set with due dates and until dates, especially while the student is in the quiz. It is also not marked as "late" if the submission is marked after the due date. 

Hi @cpadavano! Thanks for the response. Just to clarify, when you mention the "Classic Quizzes guide", are you specifically referring to this one? And what you would like to see mentioned is what would happen for quizzes without time limits but include due dates and availability dates? I believe that is what is referenced in the description of that lesson: 

  • Due date with Until date: quiz is marked late at Due date and autosubmitted at Until date

I think we could probably update that text to clarify that it relates to assessments without a time limit.


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