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How do I grade an assessment in New Quizzes?

How do I grade an assessment in New Quizzes?

You can grade New Quizzes assessments using SpeedGrader. Most assessment items are graded automatically after a student submits the assessment. However, essay and file upload questions must be graded manually.

This lesson describes how to access SpeedGrader from the Gradebook.

Open Grades

Open Grades

In Course Navigation, click the Grades link.

Open SpeedGrader

SpeedGrader from New Gradebook

To open SpeedGrader, hover over the assignment column header and click the Options icon [1]. Then click the SpeedGrader link [2].

View SpeedGrader

View the assessment in SpeedGrader [1]. When grading assessments, you can use the SpeedGrader menu options [2], change students [3], change submissions [4], and leave assignment comments [5]. Learn how to use SpeedGrader.

View Questions That Need Review

View Questions That Need Review

If any questions require manual grading, the Results page displays a warning message that lists the questions to review. Essay and file upload questions must be graded manually.

View Results

View Results

Assessment results include the percentage score [1], point score [2], and time to complete attempt [3].


Grade Item

Grade Item

Items the require manual grading display a gray border [1].

To give a student full points for an answer, click the Checkmark button [2]. To give a student no points for an answer, click the X button [3]. You can also use the Arrow buttons to increase or decrease the score [4].

Regrade Item

Regrade Item

You can also regrade assessment items that have already been graded.


How do we grade a quiz by question? Is this feature gone?

Thanks for the guide. Is there a guide for a mobile view of New Quizzes?

I've tested as a student and I can't view any of the comments left by the assessor, either generally against the assignment or under individual questions.

If there a way to turn this on for mobile view?

Hi @kevinmil,

As far as I know, this feature is only available for the Classic Quizzes tool and is not something that can currently be accomplished with New Quizzes.


Hi @kimberley,

Students should be able to view their results with feedback after they complete a quiz, if the instructor allows them to see their results. Please visit How do I view quiz results in the Student app on my iOS device? and How do I take a New Quizzes assessment in the Student app on my iOS device? for iOS devices and How do I view quiz results in the Student app on my Android device? and How do I take a New Quizzes assessment in the Student app on my Android device? for Android devices. If you aren't able to view results or feedback, can you please use the Report a Problem link for Android devices or Report a Problem link for iOS devices in the app so this can be looked into further?


I'm not getting anything added to my to-do list when there are questions in New Quizzes that require manual grading. I used to get these notifications with old quizzes. Is this feature no longer a part of the quizzing engine? 

I am having to go into every single quiz I'm assigning (typically multiple ones per week) to see if anyone else has submitted answers to questions that need to be manually graded. Am I missing something? Is there a way to know that there are questions there waiting for me to assess? 


Bonni Stachowiak |

My new quiz is not showing up in my Grades page. I cannot figure out how to make it show up. 

HI @kim_halbrook

That's super strange! Are you using a new quiz or a classic quiz? If the latter, I'd recommend just verifying that nothing got oddly selected (like the survey option or something). How long ago did you create the quiz? If it's been some time and you have student responses, I'd recommend reaching out to Canvas Support for help.

I'm so sorry I don't have an easy answer for you! Please let us know if you have any further questions though, and my teammates and I will do our best to help. 



I am having the same issue as @kim_halbrook with a new quiz not showing up in an instructors grade page.  This instructor has students who have taken the new quiz, stumbled upon the list through quiz statistics.  The instructor is a K12 teacher and has 4 classes a day.  The only way to identify students was to then request the student statistics which downloaded a spreadsheet.  This is too many steps and window shifts to do everyday.  Is there anyway to escalate this all to Support?

Thanks, Matt

Instructional Designer


Please do! This is the best way for our support teams to troubleshoot the issue and keep users informed of progress.



Thanks.  I chatted with them today.  New Quizzes will not appear in the gradebook.  The only way to check if students have participated/completed is to open the quiz then click on quiz statistics.  On a slightly positive note, there is a button linking to speedgrader here also, which can be used to grade from.  But there will be no visual of the new quiz item in the gradebook.  The teacher I am working with is not using the gradebook for scores, so I did not ask about how that will be effected, they have to use district directed location.

Additionally, immersive reader is not available in new quiz.  I was told by support that it is being worked on, but no projection as for when it would be working.


@bstachowiak  - Bonni, as far as I can figure out, New Quizzes is an external tool and can't put questions that need manual grading on your to-do list.

This is referred to here 

Is there a way to annotate the file upload in New Quizzes? 

Additionally, is there a way for hand-graded items (essay, upload) to not count as zero until it is graded? For instance, can the quiz have the assignment icon in the gradebook so teachers know it was submitted? The automatic loss of points for hand-graded questions makes students panic because it artificially brings down their grade. 

Hi @des21

You should be able to view and annotate file uploads in SpeedGrader when you grade a quiz. If this doesn't seem to work for you, review the list of supported file types in SpeedGrader. 

There's not currently a way to assign automatic points to a manually graded quiz question. Perhaps a note to students reminding them that their quiz scores are incomplete until their essay and/or uploaded files are graded would suffice? 

Finally, currently submitted New Quizzes don't trigger a to-do for instructors to grade. 

Hopefully this helps answer your questions. 




I checked the supported files for uploads, and students are uploading jpg files to New Quizzes, but the DocViewer toolbar doesn't appear for the instructor to annotate their submission. Additionally, the files need to be rotated, but there isn't an option for that. 

Thank you!


We have faculty using both multiple choice and short answer (essay responses) on the same exam in New Quizzes.  The MC grade automatically and that score shows immediately in the grade book, even if the quiz settings are set to restrict student result view.  So if a quiz is 50 points, 30 multiple choice and 20 short answer, a student grade book will show something like 29/50 for a 58%, causing student and parent panic, while waiting for the teacher to manually grade the short answer.  Without having to hide the column in the grade book, is there a setting in New Quizzes to prevent students from seeing any scores until the entire exam has been graded?

Hi Danielle (@des21),

DocViewer commenting and annotations tools are not available when grading file upload submissions in SpeedGrader. I found an idea conversation that you may be interested in: New Quizzes: Allow File Upload Question Submissions to be Previewed in Speedgrader. Thanks!

Hi @walker1,

You can use grade posting policies for your quiz to keep the grades hidden until you are ready to post the scores.



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