How do I use the Moderation page in New Quizzes?

You can view student results for any quiz created in New Quizzes on the Moderation page. Quiz results also include a detailed log for each student.

Student results can also be viewed in SpeedGrader and the Gradebook.

Open Quizzes

Open Quizzes

In Course Navigation, click the Quizzes link.

Note: You can also access quizzes from the Assignments page.

Open Build Page

To use the Moderate page, find the quiz you want to open [1].

To open New Quizzes from an existing quiz, click the Options icon [2] and then click the Build link [3].

Moderate Quiz

Moderate Quiz

Click the Moderate tab.

View Moderation Page

The Moderation page displays a list of students in the course [1], their quiz attempts [2], the score for each attempt [3], the time for each attempt [4], attempt logs [5], and quiz accommodations [6].

You can choose to display scores as a percentage or raw score by clicking the Configure icon [7].

To moderate a quiz for an individual student, click the Moderate button [8]. Moderation options include managing timer settings and reopening a student's most recent attempt.

To open SpeedGrader, click the SpeedGrader button [9].

Filter Results

Filter Results

To search for a specific student, type their name in the Search field [1]. To filter displayed results by all attempts, no attempts left, attempts left, submitted attempts, or attempts where autograding failed, click the Sort by drop-down menu [2].

View Student Attempt

View Student Attempt

To view the details of a student attempt, click the attempt link.

The student results page includes a student’s answers and grades for each question [1]. From this page, you can review student answers [2].

Depending on question type, you may be able to regrade quiz  questions [3].

View Log

View Log

To view the log for a student’s quiz attempt, click the View Log link.

In the log, you can view the time and date a student began the quiz [1] and completed the quiz [2]. You can also view each event a student completed while taking the quiz [3] and the time that event was completed [4].

To view more details about a quiz event, click the drop-down arrow next to the event [5].

Note: The completion time on the log may differ from the time displayed on the Moderate page by a few seconds. The time shown on the Moderate page is more accurate and should be referenced when reviewing student attempts on timed quizzes.

View In Progress Log

View In Progress Log

The attempt log indicates if an attempt is still in progress [1]. To manually submit the student attempt, click the Submit This Attempt button [2].

View In Progress Attempts

If students are currently taking a quiz, the Moderate page displays the number of in-progress attempts [1]. To manually submit in-progress attempts, click the attempts link [2].

View Failed Autograding

In some instances, New Quizzes may fail to automatically grade a student quiz. To view failed autograding quiz attempts, click the Autograding Failed option in the Sort by drop-down menu [1].

To manually grade the student's quiz, click the Attempt link [2].