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How do I view grading periods in a course?

How do I view grading periods in a course?

If your course supports Multiple Grading Periods, you can use grading periods created by your Canvas admin. Grading periods consist of a specific date range that define the grading period, including the close date when you are no longer allowed to edit grades in the grading period. Grading periods may also be weighted.

However, the dates of each grading period can only be viewed as part of the Grading Schemes page. You may need to view the grading period dates to view how your admin has defined the grading periods.

You can only edit grades in a current or future grading period. Once the close date for a grading period has passed, you cannot edit grades for the prior grading period. The close date may be the same date as the end date, or may extend past the end date.

Open Settings

Open Settings

In Course Navigation, click the Settings link.

View Grading Scheme

View Grading Scheme

In the Course Details tab, locate the Grading Scheme heading and click the view grading scheme link.

Note: If a grading scheme is not already set for your course, you can view the grading scheme link by selecting the Enable course grading scheme checkbox; the link will display as set grading scheme. A course grading scheme does not have to be enabled to view the grading periods.

Manage Grading Scheme

Manage Grading Scheme

Click the Manage Grading Schemes link.

View Grading Periods

In the Grading Periods tab, any grading periods created by your admin display the grading period names [1], start dates [2], end dates [3], and close dates [4]. If grading periods are weighted, you can view each grading period's weighted percentage [5].

Grading period data is read-only.


From poking around on the site, it looks like instructors should be able to set up grading periods in this area of the course settings. But when I go to manage grade schemes, there is no grading period tab for me to go to.  

I am using the free version of Canvas. Am I missing a step? My grading scheme is enabled... 

Thanks for any help!

Hi @apowers,

According to the Canvas Account Comparisons PDF, multiple grading periods can only be added by admins in paid Canvas accounts. So I suspect that's why the Grading Period tab isn't displaying. If you have any further question, feel free to reach out. 


Thank you, that pdf was super helpful!

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