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Feature Option Overview: New Quizzes

Feature Option Overview: New Quizzes



The New Quizzes LTI is an assessment engine that integrates with Canvas and replaces the classic quizzes functionality. Leveraging modern technologies, New Quizzes features include a series of feature enhancements and new item types and brings workflow improvements to what is commonly encountered in Quizzes Classic.


Release Schedule

Included in the regular Canvas release schedule; see New Quizzes release updates

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New Quizzes Ideas

Upcoming Enhancements

Full project noted in New Quizzes Timeline Overview; also see the Product Roadmap for quarterly updates

Mobile App Support

Not yet available

Beta Environment Availability


Production Environment Availability


Free-for-Teacher Availability


Enforcement Date

2024 June; see Upcoming Canvas Changes



Feature Option Location & Default Status

Account (Off/Unlocked)

    Feature Option State


    Enabled by Canvas Admin

No; contact Customer Success Manager

    Subaccount Configuration


    Related Feature Options

New Quizzes Migration During Course Import/Copy

New Quizzes Migration Enabled by Default

New Quizzes Migration Required

Affected Canvas Areas



Assignments and Quizzes - add / edit / delete


In development


User Documentation

Affected User Roles

Instructors, Students

Affects User Interface


Canvas User Guides

What is New Quizzes?

Instructor Guide New Quizzes Lessons

Student Guide New Quizzes Lessons

Feature Q&A

New Quizzes Users Forum

Selected posts in Quizzes Transition User Group

All Community Feature Resources

Quizzes Transition User Group

Known Issues

Behaviors that are contrary to explanations in the workflow summary should be submitted to Canvas Support. Notable known behaviors are posted in Known Issues.


Feature Workflow

Quizzes using the New Quizzes assessment engine are created in the same location as Classic Quizzes. However, instead of building the quiz questions directly within the quiz, New Quizzes are directed to a quiz builder outside the quiz shell.

Question Types

Instructors can use New Quizzes to build quizzes with several item types that measure student competency in a variety of subjects. Quizzes can be modified using various quiz settings and aligned to outcomes at the quiz or question level.

New Quizzes display as assignments in the Assignments page and can be duplicated. Students can take New Quizzes quizzes within their Canvas courses.

New Quizzes Build PageNew Quizzes Build Page

The following quiz question types can be created in New Quizzes:

  • Categorization
  • Essay
  • File Upload
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Formula
  • Hot Spot
  • Matching
  • Multiple Answer
  • Multiple Choice
  • Numeric
  • Ordering
  • True or False

For a full comparison between Classic and New Quizzes, please see Canvas New Quizzes Feature Comparison.


Quiz Migration

Bulk quiz migration is being developed for Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes. This work is currently in development and is available in the beta environment. For additional details, please see
Beta Release Notes: New Quizzes Migration (2021-12-22).


Quiz Completion

Students who take a quiz created in the New Quizzes assessment engine also display the quiz in the quizzes page outside the main course page. 

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