How do I create a folder in Files as an instructor?

Folders can be used to organize files in your course, group, or personal files.

Open Files

Open Files

In Course, User, or Group Navigation, click the Files link.

Add Folder

Click the Add Folder button.

Name Folder

Name Folder

Type the name of the folder in Name field [1]. To save the name of the file, press Return (Mac) or Enter (PC) key or click the Check button [2]. To return to the previous title, click the Cancel button [3].

View Folder

Your folder will appear in both panes of the Files view. You can organize your files on Canvas by moving them to folders.

Delete Folder

To delete a folder, click the line item for the folder [1] and then click the Delete icon [2]. Or click the Options icon [3] and then click the Delete link [4].

Note: Deleting a folder will also delete all files in that folder.