How do I view my Google Drive files in Canvas as an instructor?

If you have enabled Google Apps, you can view all files in your Google Drive account in Canvas. The Google Drive folder is accessed from the Course Navigation Menu.


  • You can only view one Google Drive account at a time in Canvas. Make sure you are logged in to the account you want to view in Canvas. If necessary, you can log out of your account and authenticate with a different account.
  • If you are already logged into a Google account in Chrome, Canvas will use that Google account to authorize Google Drive access. If you want to authenticate using a different Google Drive account, you must log out of the Google account in Chrome and sign in to the account you want to use with Canvas.
  • If your Canvas authorization has failed, try logging in to Google Drive in Canvas using an incognito browser, which removes all browser cookies and extensions. If you are able to log in with the incognito browser, you are most likely logged in to Google Drive and/or Canvas with different Google accounts. Confirm the account you are using for each location and try again. You may also need to confirm any Google extensions installed in your browser's settings.
  • The location where you access your Google account may affect your access to Canvas. If you successfully authenticate with your account at your institution, you may have to reauthenticate when you log in to Canvas at home.
  • Currently, Google Drive files cannot be accessed from course or personal files in Canvas. They can only be accessed from the Google Drive link in the Course Navigation Menu.
  • The Google Apps LTI is no longer supported starting June 30, 2024. Learn more about how to transition to Google Assignments LTI 1.3

Open Google Drive

Open Google Drive

In Course Navigation, click the Google Drive link.

Log in to Google Drive

Log in to Google Drive

You may be asked to authenticate your account. Click the Authorize button.

In an external window, enter your Google App email and password.

Note: If you are unable to authenticate, please see the troubleshooting information in the description of this lesson.

View Google Drive

View your Google Drive files and folders.

To view contents of a Google Drive folder, click the folder's name [1].

To open a file, click the file name [2].

To view your files in a list view, click the List View icon [3].

To sorting options, click the Sort icon [4].

Select a File

Select a File

To search for a file, enter the name of the file and click the Enter (Return) key on your keyboard.

View Search Results

Google Drive returns file results related to your search.

Open File

To open a file, click the name of the file [1]. At the bottom of the window, click the Select button [2].

View File

In a new browser window, view the file in your Google account.