How do I access my Impact Dashboard?

You can access the Impact dashboard from any browser.

Log into Impact

Log into Impact

To log into Impact, navigate to

Enter your email address [1] and password [2]. Click the Login button [3].

Open Impact Dashboard

To open the Impact dashboard, click the instance name [1]. You can switch to a different instance at any time using the Instance drop-down menu [2].

Switch Impact Instance

Switch Impact Instance

In the Instance drop-down menu [1], to search for a different instance, enter a search term in the Search instances field [2]. To open a different instance, click the name of the instance [3].

Connect LMS User

Connect your LMS User

In your Impact dashboard, click the Global Settings icon [1] and then click the Connect your LMS User button [2].

Save LMS User

Find your LMS user by searching for your username, email address, or name [1]. Click your LMS user account [2] and click the Save button [3].