How do I link a message to another message in the Impact Dashboard?

Creating links between the messages you create using Impact is a great way to present users information at different places in your learning application. This help article shows you how to link a new message to an existing message via the Impact dashboard.

Open Messages

In Global Navigation, click the Messages link.

Manage Messages

Click the Manage Messages tab [1].

To edit an existing message, click the name of the message [2].

To create a new item, click the New message button [3].

Edit Message

In the View Message page, click the Edit Message button.

Note: If you are creating a new message, the Edit Message button does not display.

Insert Message

Click into the body of the message or press enter if editing text to see the in-line insert options.

Click the Add icon [1] and click the Insert message option [2].

Search for Message

Search for Message

Use the Search field to find the message [1]. Click the message you want to link one message to another one [2]. Click the Continue button [3].

Preview Message

Preview Message

You can now preview the message and adjust the wording of the link title.

Click the Continue button.

View Linked Message

Now that you have linked one message to another, you are ready to continue to edit this message or publish it to your learning environment.