How do I submit a support ticket in the Impact Help Center?

Follow the instructions below to submit a support ticket through our Impact Help Center.

Note: The steps in this lesson describe how to submit a support ticket related to Impact. To submit a ticket for Canvas, use the Help menu in the Global Navigation Menu.

Submit a Support Ticket for Impact

In the Impact Dashboard, click the Support icon.

Note: The Support icon style and location may differ between institutions based on customization styles.

Open Email Form

To submit a help request email, click the Email button.

Choose Support Ticket Options

Choose the option that best describes your issue.

Complete the short questionnaire to help Impact Support better understand the actions you have already taken. To improve the quality and timeliness of the response to support tickets, please include the information below when possible:

  • Summary [1]: Briefly describe the issue.
  • Topic [2]: Select a help topic that describes your issue.
  • Attach a file [3]: Attach any files, screencasts, or screenshots of the problem.
  • Description [4]: Please provide a detailed description of the issue. 
  • Severity [5]: How severely is this affecting your impact instance? 
  • Environment [6]: Staging or Production? 

To submit the ticket, click the Send email button [7]. The support team will respond to your request as soon as they can.