How do I edit feature permission groups in the Impact Dashboard?

With Impact by Instructure, you can create custom feature permission groups based on the needs of your institution and edit them. Once you invite users to your dashboard, you can use feature permission groups to organize your user roles, institutional hierarchies, or sub-accounts.

Open Users and Permissions

Open Users and Permissions

In your Impact dashboard, click the Settings icon [1]. Then hover the cursor over the Users & Permissions menu [2] and click the Feature Permission link [3].

Edit Custom Feature Permissions

To edit a custom permission group, click the Options menu [1] and click the Edit Group link [2].

To delete a custom permission group, click the Delete Group link [3].

Edit Permissions Group

Edit Permissions Group

To edit a custom feature permission group, change the name [1] or change an owner [2].

You can switch between Campaigns, Messages, Support, Insights, and Settings permissions [3]. To customize the permissions more, you can select specific functions of the feature category.

Once you have finished creating a feature permission group, click the Save Changes button [4].

If you want to delete the custom group, click the Delete Group link [5].

View Permission Group

View your edited custom permission group with the configurations and access levels of the feature permissions group.