How do I view article performance in the Impact Dashboard?

You can review Impact article performance via the Impact Dashboard. You can select to view performance in a table or as a chart.

Open Insights

In Global Navigation, click the Support link [1]. Then click the Insights tab [2].

View Article Performance Table

On the Support Insights page, the Article Health table displays key statistics about your recent messages [1].

Impact article performance is based on unique user views [2], views [3], comments [4], and ratings [5].

View Article Performance Chart

To view article performance data as a chart, click the View as drop-down menu [1] and select the View as chart option [2].

View the Article Health chart [3].

View Comments

For each article, the table displays the following data:

  • Date [1]: when the feedback was given.
  • Content [2]: shows the comment on their feedback.
  • Vote [3]: shows if they upvoted or downvote an article.
  • Author [4]: who is giving the feedback.
  • Added for [5]: which article the feedback is for.