How do I enable Institutional Hierarchy in Blackboard Learn Ultra?

Institutional Hierarchy is a hierarchy management interface which allows you to create groups to organize your institutions multiple schools, departments, academic programs, and courses.

Open Blackboard System Admin

Open Blackboard System Admin

In order to enable the Institutional Hierarchy, you need to be within an admin account on Blackboard.

Within Blackboard, navigate to and click the Admin link.

View Administrator Panel

View the Administrator Tools page.

Open System Roles

Open System Roles

Scroll and navigate to Users.

Click the System Roles link.

Create System Role

Click the Create Role link.

Add Role Properties

Enter the Role Name [1] and Role ID [2].

Click the Submit button [3].

Manage Privileges

Search for keyword 'Institutional Hierarchy' [1].

Select the checkbox for Administrator Panel (Communities) > Institutional Hierarchy [2] and Administrator Panel (Communities) > Institutional Hierarchy > Add users to node [3] privileges.

Hover over Privileges [1] and select Permit Privileges [2].

Open Users

Open Users

Navigate to Administrator Panel. Click the Users link.

Search Users

Search Users

Add new Institutional Hierarchy to user.

Note: The user is the same user as the Rest API Integration.