How do I connect Monitors in Campaigns?

You can add locally created monitors and existing monitors inside campaigns.

Viewing Monitors in Campaigns

To view Monitors in Campaigns, you need to add monitors to Reporting Templates.  The two ways to add Monitors through Reporting Templates are by creating a new template or adding the monitor to an existing reporting template. The steps of each of these are outlined below.

Open Reporting Template Monitors

To add an activity monitor, click the reporting template name link [1] or create a new template [2].

Create Monitor Category or Add Existing Monitors

To create monitor categories, click the Create Monitor Category link [1].

To add existing monitors, click the Add Existing Monitors link [2].

Create Existing Monitor

Create Existing Monitor

To search for an existing monitor, enter a search term in the Search field [1].

To add an existing monitor, click the monitor checkbox [2]. Click the Insert button [3].


Once you have set your Monitors inside the desired Reporting Templates, click the Campaigns link [1] and select the Campaign you want your Monitor [2].

Edit Properties

To edit the campaign property, click the Edit Properties button.

Edit Campaign

Edit Campaign

To add your Monitors to your Campaign, navigate to the Target Outcomes section [1]. In the Monitor Categories field, add the desired Monitor Category you created [2]. Click the Save changes button [3].