How is the Impact Support Center different in the Blackboard Learn Ultra Experience?

If your LMS is the Blackboard Learn Ultra Experience, there are several differences in how you will experience Impact messages, support, and contexts compared to all the other LMS environments. This article shows you how the Support Center is different in the Blackboard Learn Ultra Experience.

Native Ultra Support Button

Native Ultra Support Button

The Impact Support Center is launched by clicking the Native Support button in Ultra Base Navigation and Courses [1].  Then select Impact Support [2].

Note: Impact doesn't control the placement or availability of this native button, but on original courses, you can place the Impact Support button which can be customized. Both native and Impact Support buttons will give your user access to your Impact content with the only difference being customization of the button's placement and availability.

Native Ultra Support Center Panel

Native Ultra Support Center Panel

The Support Center inner content is presented via an iframe in the Native Ultra Support Center panel.

Launch as Primary or Auxiliary Provider


Once you click on the support center button (native or Impact's button) you are taken to the Impact Support Center right away.


If you have multiple providers for support, such as Blackboard’s Beebee ChatBot, once you click the support button, you will be taken to a menu of the different support providers, and from there you can select Impact Support.

Ultra Base Navigation with Original Courses

Blackboard Learn Ultra environments that offer Original Courses have two Support Center structures: one for Ultra Base Navigation and Ultra Courses, and another one for Original Courses.

View First Help Suggestion

View First Help Suggestion

The first help suggestion on most pages is programmed based on Blackboard's recommendation. You cannot remove this item or change the way it looks and Impact cannot customize or remove this. The reason this item is present is to make sure that if a certain page does not have any help items from Impact or another support provider, there is still something there for users to view as support.

Note: There is no usage information or feedback on these particular Blackboard suggestions.