How do I add a message to an existing campaign in the Impact Dashboard?

Impact allows you to assign a message to an existing campaign to apply the user targeting rules (as defined for the campaign) to your message. This means that if your campaign audience is “Instructors not active with a tool for 30 days” and you connect a message to this campaign, the message will also be targeted at that audience.

Open Messages

In Global Navigation, click the Messages link.

Manage Messages

Click the Manage Messages tab [1].

To associate a message with an existing campaign, locate and click the message you want to use [2].

To create a new message, click the New message button[3].

Edit Message

In the View Message page, click the Edit Message button.

Note: If you are creating a new message, the Edit Message button does not display.

Edit Message Details

Edit Message Details

Edit your message details.

Assign to Users

Assign to Users

In the sidebar, click the Assign to Users section.

Assign to Campaign

Notification Center

To add a message to an existing campaign, enter the terms in the Filter field [1]. Select the name of the relevant campaign [2]. You can select multiple campaigns and users that are added to the Assign to Users section.

Update Message

Notification Center

Once you have selected the relevant campaign, you can continue to edit the existing message and click the Update button. If you have created a new message, you will click the Publish button.