How do I embed an Impact support article from

With Impact, you can create support articles by embedding content from . This article will focus on how you can create a support article using an embedded web page.

This type of article creation can be an easy method of providing support for your users with content that is already published on (minimizing the amount of time of manual rewriting or copying the information).

Access Support

In Global Navigation, click the Support link.

Manage Articles

To add a new support article, click the Create New drop-down menu [1]and click the Import from Blackboard option [2]. 

Create Support Article

In the title field [1], enter a title for the support article and add content in the Write an introductory paragraph field [2].

Import Blackboard article

Import Blackboard article

In the Article Path field [1], add the website URL for the Blackboard article.

To select what parts of the external web page you want displayed in your support article use the Section ID drop-down menu [2]. If you prefer to have the whole web page displayed, keep the Section ID at None Selected.



The preview shows what information it is embedding.

Assign to Users

Assign to Users

Using the Add Assignment field to specify who will see the support article. For more information on this please read the What factors determine support article visibility? article.

A set of users must be selected in order to be published.

Publish Article


The Save as Draft button will create a draft of your support article so you can publish it later [1]. If you would like to make it visible, click the Publish button [2].