How do I view message insights for a sub-account?

Message Insights reports on message performance and feedback in the dashboard in order to analyze the quality and impact of communication efforts.

Note: This feature is only available to Canvas customers.

Select Sub-Account

Select Sub Account

In Global Navigation, click the Sub-account selector menu [1]. Then, select the specific sub-account for which you want to view message insights.

Open Messages

In Global Navigation, click the Messages link.

Open Insights

Click the Insights link.

View Insights

For messages, tables are present for the following:

  • Message Insights [1]: Displays how your messages are performing.
  • Message Ratings [2]: Displays user votes for messages.
  • All Comments [3]: Displays message comments and ratings.

Note: For more information on message insights, visit How do I view Message Insights in the Impact Dashboard?