How do I view contact options in the Impact Support Center?

When a user opens the Support Center they are first presented with context-sensitive help suggestions relevant to their role. If they cannot find the right help they need to resolve their query or need to escalate their request, they can reach out to your institution’s help desk using the contact options at the bottom of the Support Center via email, phone, and/or live chat.

These options can be made available dependent on the user’s role (e.g. student- or faculty-specific help desk) and day of the week/time of day (e.g. in-house support during office hours, external support outside of office hours). Based on these settings, the user is routed to a specific email address/phone number/chat

Open Impact Support

In the Impact Dashboard, click the Support icon.

View Help Window

View the Impact Dashboard help window.

You can search help resources [1], select help topics [2], view suggested help documents [3], and submit a help request [4].

You can also view additional resources [5] and your help tickets [6].

Open Email Form

To submit a help request email, click the Email button.

Fill out email template

Choose the option that best describes your issue.

Complete the short questionnaire to help Impact Support better understand the actions you have already taken. To improve the quality and timeliness of the response to support tickets, please include the information below when possible:

  • Summary[1]: Briefly describe the issue.
  • Topic[2]: Select a help topic that describes your issue.
  • Attach a file[3]: Attach any files, screencasts, or screenshots of the problem.
  • Description[4]: Please provide a detailed description of the issue.
  • Severity[5]: How severely is this affecting your impact instance?
  • Environment[6]: Staging or Production?

To submit the ticket, click theSend email button [7]. The support team will respond to your request as soon as they can.

Open Contact Call Window

To view the phone number and call Impact Support, click the Call button.

View Contact Call Information

View Contact Call Information

To view the phone and reference numbers, click the Reveal phone number and reference button [1].

When you click the button, Impact support receives an email with the same contextual and system information included in email-based requests. Additionally, you can view the help desk phone number [2] and your reference number [3].

Open Suggest A Feature Window

Open Suggest A Feature Window

To initiate a conversation about a desired Impact improvement or enhancement, click the Submit a feature button.

Suggest an Idea

Suggest an Idea

To create a new idea, click the Suggest an idea button.