How do I customize the email form in the Impact Support Center?

You can customize the Support Center email with a variety of field types.

When an end-user submits a support ticket, Impact collects the following information: first name, last name, username, email, course ID, course name, courses, system information, product location where the message was triggered, and selected category.

Open Support

In Global Navigation, click the Support link [1]. Then click the Design tab [2].

View Email Design

By default, the Design tab displays the Email Contact Form Fields options [1] and the current email form [2].

View Custom Field Types

View Custom Field Types

In your email design, you can use the following custom fields:

  • Single line text [1]: A one-line free text field.
  • Multi line text [2]: A free text field that supports multiple lines.
  • Date select [3]: A date field allowing users to pick a date from a calendar.
  • Date/Time select [4]: A combined date and time field.
  • File Upload [5]: A file picker allowing users to attach an image or document to their request.
  • Drop down select [6]: A single selection drop-down list.
  • Checkbox [7]: A single checkbox accompanied by a caption.
  • Phone Number [8]: A single-line text field allowing users to enter their contact details.

Note: The email design Subject field is mandatory and cannot be removed from the email design.

Add Custom Field

To add a field to the email, click and drag the Fields option into the form.

Edit Email Fields

Edit Email Fields

To edit a field's properties, click the Edit icon [1]. You can determine whether it is optional or mandatory.

To remove a field, click the Delete icon [2].

To reorder the fields, use the Drag and Drop handle [3].

Save Changes

Click the Save changes button.