How do I define a page with the Impact Inline Editor?

You can select a page that is not previously defined with a matching template or define the selected page rules or definition criteria yourself.

Open Inline Editor

Open Inline Editor

Navigate to the page of the learning application where you intend to place the message, support article, or monitor.

To open the Inline Editor, click the Impact icon [1] and then click the Add icon [2].

Define Page

To define a page that has not yet been recognized, select the Enable free select mode box [1]. Then, click the Define button [2].

Identify Page

Identify Page Element

Select from the list of possible definition criteria, which is based on the attributes belonging to the selected page [1].

Note: If you would only like to use part of an attribute for your definition criteria, click the Edit button next to the attribute [2].

Edit Page Definition Criteria and Rules

Edit Page Element

Select the edit icon [1] beside the path item that is referenced in the URL.

Select one of the options from the drop-down menu [2] and change the value in the text field to the desired partial criteria [3]. Click the Ok button [4].

Once you have defined the criteria, click the Continue button [5].

Save Template

Save Template

Enter a template name [1] and click the Save button [2].