How do I upload a Custom User Group list in Impact?

You can target communication and support to a certain group of users by creating a custom user group. You can upload a list of users to include in the custom user group on the Impact Dashboard.

Open Custom User Groups

Open Custom Users Groups

Click the Settings icon [1], then click the Custom User Groups link [2].

Create New Group

View the Custom User Groups page.

To create a new user group, click the Create New button.

Import User Group List

Click the Import list link.

Upload User List

To download a sample spreadsheet, click the Download sample spreadsheet link [1].

To upload a custom user group list file from your computer, click the Choose File button [2]. You can upload CSV, XLS, and XLSX file types.

Note: Your spreadsheet must identify users by one of three user ID header types: user_email, PK1_ID, or username. (PK1_ ID only applies to Blackboard users.)

Choose File

Select your file [1], then click the Open button [2].

Map File Columns

To transfer your data into the Impact database, you must map the file's user ID header to an Impact user property.

Click the item's Impact User Property drop-down menu [1].

To choose not to map the column header, click the Do not map column option [2].

To map the column header to email address data, click the Email address option [3].

To map the column header to PK1 ID data, click the PK1 ID option [4]. This option only applies to Blackboard users.

To map the column header to username data, click the Username option [5].

View Mapped Column Status

The Matched column displays the mapped column header status [1].

If all users from the uploaded file were located in the Impact database, a Matched icon displays [2].

If only some of your users were located in the Impact database, a Partial Match icon displays [3].

If no users are located in the Impact database, a No Match icon displays [4].

Import User Group

Import User Group

To import your user list, click the Import button.

Save User Group

Type your custom user group name in the Custom user group name field [1].

To add a group description, type the description in the Custom user group description input field [2].

To save your changes, click the Save Changes button [3].

Note: A custom user group name must be added to save your user group [4].

View Custom User Group

View your custom user group in the Custom User Groups page.