What are the User Groups fields?

You can use the User Groups page to view all relevant roles and groupings that Impact has registered from your learning application.

Open User Groups

Open User Groups

In Global Navigation, click the Settings icon [1]. Then click the User Groups link [2].

The User Groups tab displays a list of all of the roles registered within the Impact system.

View User Groups Overview

User groups are listed with fields:

  • Type [1]: the role of the account associated with a user group
  • Group ID [2] : the Canvas ID of the role and/or subaccount of the specified User Group
  • Group Name [3]: the name or breadcrumbs containing the location of the specified User Group in order to best identify it
  • User Count [4]: the number of users in the specified User Group
  • Category [5]: a drop-down menu allowing selection of a core account role that can be assigned to the entire User Group if desired
  • Visibility [6]: whether this User Group is able to be seen and used for targeting in messages, campaigns, walkthroughs, support center routing, etc

Filter User Groups

To select the fields to display, click the Fields drop-down menu [1]. You can enable and disable different fields to view.

To search based on a combination of criteria, click the Filters drop-down menu [2].

To search for specific user groups, enter a term in the Search field [3].

Note: ID field is toggled off by default.