How do I create a monitor with the Impact Inline Editor?

You can use the Inline Editor to create a custom monitor and attach it to a page or element in your learning application.

Open Inline Editor

Open Inline Editor

Navigate to the area of the learning application where you wish to place the monitor.

To open the Inline Editor, click the Impact icon [1] and then click the Add icon [2].

Select Element

To select the element to which to attach the monitor, click the element [1] or click the Select Page button [2] on the current page.

Select LTI Element

If using an Impact-supported LTI, you can select the frame in which you want to use the Inline Editor.

To select a frame for an Impact-supported LTI, click the Select a Frame dropdown menu [1], then click the Third Party Tool Frame option [2].

Select Monitor

Select Monitor

In the side panel, click the Monitor button.

Add Monitor Details

Add Monitor Details

Enter a name and description for your monitor [1].

If you are attaching the monitor to an element, determine the triggering behavior (when the user sees the element or when the user interacts with the element) and whether the monitor should trigger on every page where the element occurs or only on the current page [2].

Review the automatically rendered screenshot of the page/element. Upload a custom screenshot if needed [3].

Click the Create Monitor button [4].

You can now view and organize your monitor in the Monitor Overview.

If you cannot select the element you wish to monitor, please read How to define a custom element or page with the inline editor?