How do I view Walkthrough Insights for a sub-account?

Walkthrough Insights reports on message performance and feedback in the dashboard in order to analyze the quality and impact of communication efforts.

Note: This feature is only available to Canvas customers.

Open Account Settings

Open Account Settings

In the Global Navigation, click the Account Settings icon [1]. Then, click the Select Sub-account button [2].

Switch Sub-accounts

Switch Sub-accounts

You can search for sub-accounts using the Search field [1] or you can select the drop-down arrow [2] to locate the sub-account.

To switch sub-accounts, click the name of the sub-account [3]. Click the Save button [4].

Open Walkthroughs

In Global Navigation, click the Walkthroughs link.

Open Insights

Click the Insights link.

View Insights

For walkthroughs insights, tables are present for the following:

  • Walkthrough Insights [1]: Displays how your walkthroughs are performing.
  • Walkthroughs Ratings [2]: Displays user votes for walkthroughs.
  • All Comments [3]: Displays walkthrough comments and ratings.

Note: For more information on walkthrough insights, visit How do I view Walkthrough Insights in the Impact Dashboard?