How do I create a message for a sub-account?

Impact messages can be assigned to sub-accounts in your learning application. By assigning sub-accounts to a message, you control which audience sees your message.

Note: This feature is only available to Canvas customers.

Switch Sub-accounts

Switch Sub-accounts

In Global Navigation, click the Sub-account selector menu [1]. Then, select the specific sub-account for which you want to create a message.

Click the Save button [3].

Open Messages

In Global Navigation, click the Messages link.

Create New Message

Click the Manage Messages tab [1] and click the New message button [2].

Assign to Users

In the sidebar, locate and open the Sub-account section [1]. By default, the message is created on the sub-account you are currently using.

Locate and open the Assign to Users section [2]. Use the drop-down menu to select among the types of users.

Publish Your Message

Now that your message content and settings are all set up, you can continue by:

  • Publishing your message: using the Publish button.
  • Saving your message as a draft: using the Save as Draft button allows you to publish the message another time but save your current changes.
  • Canceling: use the Cancel button to delete your message content and settings or any unsaved changes.
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