How do I view support articles by tool category?

You have the ability to see support articles by tool categories through filters available in the Support Center.

Note: If a support article has an assigned tool category and the tool category is toggled off, the support article will not be displayed in the list. Additionally, any tool categories that are toggled off will not be offered as a filter.

Open Support

In the Global Navigation, click the Support link.

Add Filter

Click the Filters drop-down menu [1] and select the Add a filter button [2].

Select Tool Category

Select Tool Category

Filter on the Tool Category filter [1] and select the Tool Category to view [2].

View Filtered Support Articles

The Support Articles displayed are associated with the Tool Category filter selected.

Note: The tool category field is not defaulted to display and will need to be added from the fields menu. For more information on adding fields, visit How do I find my support articles in the Impact Dashboard?