How do I add a new language in the Impact Dashboard?

Translations are available for Admin to change the Impact Dashboard language for in-app use only.

To translate Impact content, you will need to request your desired language to be added. Translations to Impact content, such as messages or articles, will need to be enabled from your content. Once a language is added you can create multiple versions of messages and articles.

Impact Dashboard Translations

Impact Dashboard Translations

To change your Impact Dashboard language, click the Instance Settings icon [1]. Then, hover the cursor over the Translations menu [2] and click the Languages link [3].

Select the language you want to display in your Impact Dashboard.

Content Translations

With Impact, you can add different languages to your content depending on your LMS needs. Once you add a language you can create multiple versions of messages and articles to give your users the option to choose which language they prefer.

To add a new language to your Impact dashboard, please submit a ticket to

Note: Activating a translation option provides you with the opportunity to translate your content and Out of the Box content. This service is not created out of the box for you.