How do I edit an existing reporting template in the Impact Dashboard?

You can edit reporting templates. After you create a reporting template you can add activity monitors and assign specific configurations to each reporting template.

Open Reporting Templates

Open Reporting Templates

In Global Navigation, click the Settings icon [1]. Then hover the cursor over the Settings menu [2] and click the Reporting Templates icon [3].

Open Edit Reporting Template

In the Modify Reporting Templates page, locate the template in the list and click the Options icon [1]. Then click the Edit template link [2].

Edit Reporting Template

Edit Reporting Template

You can edit the template name [1] and select the User category for the template [2].

To make the template the default for the course activity report, click the Make this the default template for the course activity report checkbox [3].

To make the template the default for the tool adoption report, click the Make this the default template for the tool adoption report checkbox [4].

Click the Update button [5].

Note: You cannot delete a default reporting template being used for tool adoption or course activity report. If you wish to delete a default reporting template, you must first assign another template as default.

Modify Reporting Template Monitors

You can also edit the Monitor Categories and Monitors for the template.

To edit the monitor categories and associated monitors, click the name of the reporting template you want to update.

Update Reporting Template Monitors

To create monitor categories, click the Create Monitor Category link [1].

To edit monitor categories, click the Options icon [2] and then click the Edit category link [3].

To add existing monitors, click the Add Existing Monitors link [4].