How do I create messages on the institution page in the Blackboard Learn Ultra Experience using Impact?

Due to the way that Blackboard’s Ultra Extension Framework defines route IDs for your institution page, creating messages on this specific page is slightly different from other pages. If you go to the institution page as an administrator and open the inline editor, you will notice that your page is unable to be defined. This is not an error; it has been limited to ensure that your message is added correctly.

Open Institution Page

On your institution page, check if you are logged in as an administrator. If you are using an admin account, your inline editor says “This page cannot yet be recognized” when trying to define the page.

View Page

The page is not able to be defined because if you were to define and add a message to this page as an administrator, the Ultra Extension Framework would capture your Route ID as base.institution-page-admin. Only administrators would be able to see the message.

To create messages on the institution page, log in as a non-admin user and define the page with base.institution-page as the Route ID. This will be accessible to all of your target audience.

Log into Blackboard Ultra

Log in with a non-admin account and go back to the institution page.

Click the inline editor and select the page.

You can now add a message to the institution page, and it will be seen by the audience that you choose.