How do I display a support article to specific groups of users in the Impact Dashboard?

By assigning users to an article, you control for which users, groups, or campaign audiences will see your article.

Please note that there are multiple factors that impact article visibility. Please review our article on What factors determine support article visibility? if you are unsure.

Open Support

In Global Navigation, click the Support link.

Create or Edit Article

Select an article by clicking the title [1]. To create a new support article, click the Create New drop-down menu and select the type of article you would like to create [2].

Edit Article

Edit article

If you are editing an article, click the Edit Article button.

Assign Users

Assign Users

In the sidebar, locate and click the Add Assignment drop-down menu to select individual user groups, a predefined User Segment, a group of users targeted by campaign rules, and a user filter created from the tool adoption reports.

Save Changes

Save changes

If you are creating a new support article, the Save as Draft button will create a draft of your support article so you can publish it later [1]. If you would like to make it visible, click the Publish button [2].

If you are editing a support article, click the Update button [3].

Note: A set of users must be selected in order to be published.