How do I add an article to a Support Center category in the Impact Dashboard?

With Impact you can create support articles and assign them to categories to structure your support center.

You can also associate and add a support article to a support center category.

Open Support

In Global Navigation, click the Support link [1]. Then click the Manage Articles tab [2].

Create New Article

To create a new article, click the Create New drop-down menu [1]. Then click the Create new link [2].

Add to Support Center Category

Add to Support Center Category

In the Create Support Article page, click the Add to Support Center Category drop-down menu [1].

Click the Add to a category drop-down menu [2].

To add the article to a category, select the name(s) of the category [3]. You can select multiple categories.

Publish Support Article

To save the article, click the Save as Draft button [1].

To publish the article, click the Publish button [2].