How do I view Walkthroughs Insights in the Impact Dashboard?

Walkthroughs Insights reports on walkthrough performance and feedback in the dashboard in order to analyze their quality and impact on a general level. It enables you to analyze how users interact with and rate Walkthroughs in your LMS.

Open Walkthroughs

In Global Navigation, click the Walkthroughs link.

Open Insights

Click the Insights tab.

View Filters

To filter to a specific date range, click the Calendar icon to select a Start Date [1] and End Date [2].

To sort by a certain role category, click the Any user category drop-down menu [3].

To sort by a role, click the Any user group drop-down menu [4].

To sort by status, click the Any status drop-down menu [5].

When you are ready to search, click the Apply Filter button [6].

Walkthrough Performance

  • Title [1]: name of the walkthrough.
  • (All) Users [2]: total number of users that accessed the walkthrough.
  • Started [3]: total number of users that started the walkthrough.
  • Completed [4]: total number of users that completed the walkthrough.
  • Completion rate [5]: the ratio of how many students started and finished the walkthrough.
  • Clicks [6]: total number of clicks a walkthrough has.
  • Comments [7]: total number of comments a walkthrough has.
  • Upvotes [8]: total upvotes a walkthrough has.
  • Downvotes [9]: total downvotes a walkthrough has.
  • Rating [10]: shows the overall rating for a walkthrough.

View Walkthrough Ratings

You can view how many votes a walkthrough has [1], the percentage of votes are upvotes [2], and the percentage of votes are downvotes [3].

View Comments

Comments can be left by users for the entire walkthrough. For each walkthrough, the table displays the following data:

  • Date [1]: displays when the feedback was given.
  • Content [2]: displays the comment on their feedback.
  • Vote [3]: displays if the user upvoted or downvoted a walkthrough.
  • Author [4]: displays the user giving the feedback.
  • Added for [5]: displays the walkthrough the feedback is for.
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