What can I expect when new Out of the Box Support Articles are added to the Support Center?

While Impact provides you with a contextualized Out of the Box Support Center that is ready to use, you have the ability to customize this to meet the needs of your institution. It is essential to understand the implications of the customizations you make, as it could potentially affect how up-to-date the content within your Support Center is.

The Impact Content Team is constantly updating and maintaining the OOTB Support Center.

Are you using the Out of the Box Support Center as is?

If you have made no changes to your Out of the Box Support, you will receive all updates to existing articles and any new articles that are added to that category by the Impact Content Team.

Category Updates

Interested in what updates have been made to which categories? Here you will find how to filter Out of the Box content in categories by dates.

Manage Articles

Click the Manage Articles tab [1]. Then click the Fields drop-down menu [2] and select the Categories field [3].

Filter Date

Click the Filters drop-down menu [1]. Then filter on Last updated on filter [2] and select the date you are interested in [3].

Have you made changes to your Out of the Box Support Center?

Changes such as user assignment, changing the name of a category or the suggested title, or adding/removing a context of a category will deem that category of your Support Center as local rather than Out of the Box. This essentially gives you full ownership over that particular category.

Since existing articles within that category are dynamic, you will receive any updates to the content of those articles. However, new articles added to the categories you have made changes to will not be reflected as the software respects local changes over Out of the Box changes. Please note that adding articles to a category will still remain Out of the Box.

Modified Categories

You can recognize categories you have made changes to by the red icon presented next to the blue icon on the category. Those that have not been modified will only display the blue icon.

Note: The Support Center is not structured in a hierarchal fashion when it comes to converting categories to local rather than Out of the Box, meaning that sub-categories can still be deemed Out of the Box despite the over-arching category being local. Moving articles out of a category or adding new articles will not localize the category, therefore you will still receive all of the OOTB updates there (if no other changes have been applied).